Mary Wahr

Will's Challenge

My son, William, thought my art would appeal to more people if there were concrete images in them. I took the challenge and created works you will find more familiar. To learn more about my artwork and Fractals click here.  Are you interested in purchasing any of my fractal work?  Click here to start the process.

Flower VaseBlue Elephant, 18 x 24, do you see a trunk?Dolly Fish, 20 x 26
Dragon's Eye, 26 x 20, Here's lookin' at ya'Fishtales, 13 x 20, A fish tale or a Xmas treeGreen Sea-DragonMandelbrot Fighting Fish
Picnic FishMardi Gras Fish, 10 x 13, it is all in the 'mask'Reclining FemaleSun Fish, 10 x 13