Mary Wahr
What Do You See?

How does your perception of the world shape your interpretation of art? 

The fractal patterns that are created in my work sometimes collide leaving behind hidden images. I have a friend who took me on a spiritual journey as she described what she saw. I’m so happy that piece has found a home with someone it spoke to.

I welcome you to explore my fractals below.  All of these fractals are hand created. To learn more about my artwork and Fractals click here.  Are you interested in purchasing any of my fractal work?  Click here to start the process.

Fairway, 26 x 20 drive up the centerFeathers, 26 x 20 Can you imagine feathers?
Glacial Reflections, 20 x 26, Above the land, below the reflectionJack. I see a Jack in the Pulpit. 26 x 20Killer Whale, 26 x 20, An Inuit hunting a killer whale.Lemons, 26 x 20, Lemons falling through the air. Lemonade, anyone?
Maple, 26 x20 think autumnMoth Wing, 26 x 20, Under the microscope, the wing...Overflow, 26 x20  lava coming down the mountainPainted Desert, 26 x 20  the West of the United States
Palm Leaves, 26 x 20  relax in a hammockPick Up Stix, 26 x 20, Dare ya to be the first.Summer Birds, 20 x 26, This HOT pic contains many birds. I especially like the big red rooster on the right.
Take Flight, 20 x 26, Always felt this piece was ready to take off.Twister, 26 x 20, Is this a hurricane or a dish rag being twisted