Mary Wahr

Wahr of the worlds

My fractal art often evokes the feeling of another world. 

It is not unusual for viewers of my art to feel they are looking at outer space, inside the human body or under the sea. This is often a happy accident. At other times I use NASA photography and books on histology as inspiration. Some pieces are created to intrigue while other to amuse.  Welcome to my world. 

I welcome you to explore my fractals below.  All of these fractals are hand created. To learn more about my artwork and Fractals click here.  Are you interested in purchasing any of my fractal work?  Click here to start the process.

Blue Wave Breaking, 26 x 20Alluvial Fan, 26 x 20, NASA inspiredBeginnings, 20 x 26Blue Nautilus, 26 x 20
Canyon Wall, 26 x 20Chain of Lakes, 20 x 26Eye of the Hurricane, 26 x 20
Fishtales, 20 x 13Heart Valves, 26 x 20Isthmus, 26 x 20  inspired by NASALike Clock Work, 26 x 20  I see gears
Ocean Depths, 26 x 20Swim for the Surface, 20 x 26The Quiet Wave, 26 x 20Zappa's Zappai, 26 x 20