Mary Wahr


A painterly process that creates fractal patterns.

Art can be creative experimentation that ranges from very controlled to free form.  Decalcomania is the process of pressing pigment between two smooth surfaces. When those surfaces are separated a fractal pattern is created. The artist has the ability to control several stages of the process.  I have used a wide variety of smooth surfaces to press into the paint as well as different techniques to separate the paper from the painted surface. I will give you a few hints along the way.

Explore my fractals below.  All of these fractals are hand created. To learn more about my artwork and Fractals click here.  Are you interested in purchasing any of my fractal work?  Click here to start the process.

Beginnings, 26 x20Bllue Grotto, 20 x 26Blue Urchins, 26 x 20
Blueberries, 10 x 12Cool Grays, 26 x 20 just chillin'Down by the Sea, 20 x 26 Hear the waves crashing?Funguy, 20 x 13
Galaxy Tree, 26 x 20In the Round, 20 x 26Incoming, 26 x 20
Leaf Green, 26 x 20Microbes, 26 x 20My Cup Runneth Over, 26 x 20NovA, 26 X 20
Perfection, 20 x 26, a pure pull that is perfectRousseau, 26 x 20Slice of Life, 13 x 20, stop and go pushing and pulling
Tribal Wall, 20 x 26  stamping includedWarm Colors, 26 x 20Winter Sky, 13 x 20  skewers pushed through holes