Mary Wahr

Can Art Change Your Mood

Take a moment and see if the colors in art can move your spirit.

 Some scientists believe that color can have a huge impact on your mood.  Do you think that is possible?  Take a minute to study these pictures and see how you are impacted.

After you have looked at the colors click back to see if how you felt coincided with the colors most common mood enhancement.  Share what your experience was.

  • Blue:   Reduce stress and enhance contemplation.  The color or loyalty and safety.

  • Green:   Harmony, nature and a sanctuary from stress.  Balance, well being and peace.

  • Red and Orange: Warmth, confidence and emotional strength. A call to action and adventure.

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  • Purple: A world of dreams and fantasy. Enlightenment and spiritual pursuits.

  • Brown: Calm, comfort and a feeling of belonging, Supports family and duty.

  • Gray: Unemotional, mysterious, impartial. The color of transition.
All of these fractals are hand created. To learn more about my artwork and Fractals click here.  Are you interested in purchasing any of my fractal work?  Click here to start the process.

Birches, 26 x 20Birth of a Planet, 26 x 20Blue Spirit, 20 x 26Branches, 20 x 26
Broken Limbs, 13 x 20Cloudy Sky, 20 x 26
Crazy Wave, 20 x 26Good Vibrations, 20 x 26Green Sliver, 20 x 26Harvest Moon, 20 x 26
Layered Blues, 26 x 20Sumi Scape, 26 x 20Palm Leaves, 26 x 20Perfection, 20 x 26
Planks, 26 x 20Puzzled, 20 x 26  contemplate the piecesRousseau, 26 x 20   freen and peaceSki Slope, 26 x 20
Troics, 26 x 20Volcanic, 26 x 20   not for a quiet spaceWarm Colors, 20 x 26Winter Sky, 13 x 20