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My name is Mary Wahr and creating fractal art is my passion. I draw them by hand and create them through a printing process called decalcomania. I have been developing new techniques and tools to enhance the printing process.

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I am an art educator working and creating in Northern Michigan. My passions for fractals stemmed from my master’s thesis, which is entitled, “The Art of Fractals for the Mathematically Challenged.” I first learned about fractals on National Public Radio while commuting to my master classes. Once I looked them up I was hooked. Unfortunately, I cannot do the math so I was confined to create fractals by hand. I began with pencil and pen and based my drawings on fractals found in nature. Then I discovered the Surrealist technique of decalcomania, a printing process that creates fractal patterns in paint. I was hooked. Please enjoy these discoveries here on my web page. If that is not enough follow me on Facebook. If you still want to learn more, check out my blog and share some of your thoughts and ideas on fractal art and artists. I would love to hear from you and expand my creative community.